REUNIONEX ’23 Registration

REUNIONEX ’23 Overview & Costs:

REUNIONEX ’23 (Sponsored by the USS Fresno Memorial Association) will happen in San Diego, CA, on June 23-25, 2023.  We’d love to see as many of our shipmates as possible – this is open to all hands who served aboard the Frez from her commissioning in ’69 to her decommissioning in ’93.

BONUS All activities are being paid through the USSFMA, so your registration fees and activity fees are considered donations to the USS Fresno Memorial Association, therefore… tax deductible as a donation to a non-profit. That’s a win-win, y’all (receipts provided)

Registration fees are $50.00 per person ($25.00 for USSFMA members and their spouses).  Here’s what you get for your registration fee :

Friday night receptionVFW Ship 1774/American Legion Post 282 in La Mesa, CA. @6:00pm

The USSFMA has rented their main meeting hall, and will provide non-alcoholic beverages (water, soda).  We’ll have a cash bar and there will be a dinner provided

Saturday Sight Seeing in San Diego – Spend the day seeing the sights in San Diego with your old Shipmates. 

Here are some ideas:

Gun Range (See Facebook Page for details) (Point of Contact = K.C. Ratner)
Sea World
San Diego Zoo
32nd Street Naval Station

USS Midway Museum
Golf (Point of Contact = Randy Godbold)
Former RTC/NTC

San Diego has tons to see – grab a crew and go explore!

Saturday Night BBQ/Reunion – Fresno crewmember John Rhodes has invited the entire crew to his backyard catering facility in Spring Valley, CA.  BM1 is a professional caterer and has hosted parties for hundreds of people for years at his place.  He assures us our expected crowd is a “drop in the bucket” and can’t wait to feed his Shipmates.  BBQ & Beers provided – suggested that you Lyft/Uber to this function as parking options are limited @ 5:00pm

*Win this Piston from Fresno’s 1A. Removed during overhaul in ’73-’74.

You can bid to win this piston at the BBQ on Saturday night!*

Sunday Farewell Brunch – We will have a catered Farewell Brunch back at the VFW Hall on Sunday. Come have some food and a last-minute “farewell and following seas” to your Shipmates. @ 10:00am *no alcohol provided/allowed at this function*

In addition to those three events, the USSFMA is offering the following for an additional fee:

  1. SWIFT Boat Tour of San Diego Harbor **SOLD OUT** – A Tour for 25 will be leaving the San Diego Maritime Museum at 0745 on Saturday, 24JUN23. The USSFMA has chartered a Vietnam-era SWIFT boat to give us a guided tour of the San Diego Harbor, including the Naval Station.  This tour is for ONLY REUNIONEX ’23 attendees and spouses.  We currently have one boat for 25 people reserved. (*tips for the guide/crew are suggested at the end of the ride)
  • ROOM BLOCK – La Mesa Holiday Inn – La Mesa, CA.  The USSFMA has arranged a block of 30 rooms for Friday and Saturday nights at the La Mesa Holiday Inn.  The hotel is less than a mile from the VFW Hall hosting the Friday and Sunday events.  We’ve managed to negotiate a $135/night rate for our group, which includes taxes and service fees.  That’s the best rate we could get in the area.  The hotel also has limited availability on Thursday and Sunday, but you need to let us know you’d like to come in a day early or stay a day late so we can communicate that to them to check for room availability.  Should we fill our 30-room block, the hotel may have more rooms to let us have (they have 78 total), but we’ll need to let them know.  YOU MUST PAY FOR ROOM THROUGH THIS REGISTRATON PAGE TO SECURE THE $135/NIGHT ROOM RATEDO NOT CALL HOTEL

(*note* the hotel is undergoing a renovation at the end of 2022, and should be finished in early June.  If there is still work going on at the end of June, they may not have many more rooms available.  They have guaranteed us 30.)

  • USSFMA HQ House – The USS Fresno Memorial Association has also secured a large VRBO residence with a pool and patio area to be used as a social lounge/gathering area.  The house is in the same neighborhood as the hotel/VFW hall (La Mesa) and will be hosting “after hours” functions on Thursday-Sunday and will be open for any interested crew member during daytime hours throughout the entire Reunion.  No charge for hanging out, just BYOB and be aware that parking may be an issue.  Address will be posted closer to Reunion time. There WILL be rooms available in the house – DONATION REQURED – will post more info soon. House opens @ 4:00pm Thursday, 6/22 and closes at 12:00 Noon on Monday, 6/26
  • REUNIONEX ’23 T-Shirts – We had Reunion t-shirts available for purchase.  We had them made in three colors – Navy Blue, Deck Green and Engineering Red.  All colors will have the same design, so you could support your department by wearing your color!   (Shirts were $30/shirt) **ORDER Deadline was 5/21/23** Order window is closed

LOCAL TRAVEL INFORMATION: (Ride Share $$ Estimates)

Holiday Inn (from San Diego Airport):  14.1 miles (22 min) $31-$107

USSFMA Hospitality House (from San Diego Airport):  14.5 mi (21 min)  $29-$93

USSFMA Hospitality House (from Holiday Inn): 5.5 mi (10 min) $10-$20

VFW (from Holiday Inn): 1.1 mi (4 min) $6-$10

VFW (from USSFMA House): 2.7 mi (8 min) $9-$25

SWIFT Boat (from Holiday Inn):  12.8 mi (20 min$23-$60

SWIFT Boat (from USSFMA House): 12.7 mi (18 min) $23-$60

Sat. BBQ (from Holiday Inn): 6.9 mi (13 min)  $12-$35

Sat. BBQ (from USSFMA House): 3.2 mi (9 min) $10-$20

San Diego Airport (from Holiday Inn):  14.9 mi (19 min) $31-$107

San Diego Airport (from USSFMA House): 13.4 mi (19 min) $29-$93


____# of attendees ($50 per person) *non-USSFMA members

____ – # of attendees – USSFMA Members & Spouses ($25 per person)

(List of USSFMA members or if you’d like to become a member, click here:

____ – # of rooms at La Mesa Holiday Inn Friday & Saturday, 6/23-24 ($135/night x 2 nights = $270)

____ – # of rooms needed Thursday, 6/22 at La Mesa Holiday Inn ($135)

____ – # of rooms needed Sunday, 6/25 at La Mesa Holiday Inn ($135)

SOLD OUT – # of seats on SWIFT boat tour 1: 0745 am Saturday, 24JUN23 (up to 25 max) ($30 per person)

____ – Amount of additional donation to the Reunion General Fund 

(Goes toward Friday food service, Saturday donation to John Rhodes, Sunday brunch and bar tabs at VFW/BBQ/HQ House – specify where you’d like your donation to go if you’d like🙂

___________ – REUNIONEX ’23 Total

               ______  Check – send check to:  USSFMA   5204 Roxborough Dr.  Hermitage, TN  37076



Name:Rate/Rank:Years aboard Fresno:# of ReservationsHotelUSSFMA
SWIFT Boat Tour
Hoss PetersonGMG3’88-’901NYY (1)
Coby Barstad (& Judy)RM3’69-’712Y (2)NY (2)
Bob Boling (& wife)BM3’83-’872Y (2)NY (2)
Kevin CostelloET2’84-’872NNY (1)
David Quintana (& Mary)BM3’86-’894Y (3)YN
Bill Nimocks (& Sandie)FN’72-’752Y (2)NN
Kathleen Roeber & Patty PersonLT Roeber’78-’792NNN
Randy GodboldBT1’89-’931NYY(1)
Troy StingleyEN2 (SW)’87-’901NYY (1)
Jim Bebee (& Suzanne)BM2’84-’882NNN
Harold LunaSN (Supply)’69-’71 (Plankowner)1Y (1)NN
Carlos LugoCS’69-’71 (Plankowner)1YNN
Rick AndersonLTjg (Deck/Comm)’71-’741Y (1)N Y(1)
Marty Drumm (& Kandi)ICC (SW)’81-’862Y (2)NN
Doyle OsborneENC’71-’751NNN
Jim LusterGMG3’88-’911NYN
Ruth ZerbelDarcy Zerbel (EN2)’72-’761NNN
Darryl CravensBM3’87-’921NYY (1)
Boyd Puckett (& Kathy)ENFN’79-’802Y (3)NY (2)
K.C. Ratner (& Nadine)OSSN’72-’742NNN
Greg FoxEN2’80-’831YNY (1)
Don Allen (& wife)SK3’69-’71 (Plankowner)2NNY (2)
Roy BachoENC’87-’901NNN
Jim Alexander (& Joan)LTjg”69-’71 (Plankowner)2NNY (2)
Jerry FordBM3’87-’911NYY (1)
John Rhodes (& wife)BM1’76-’802NNN
Ken Ronjoin (& wife)ENCS’76-’812NNN
Jeff Wallace (& Heather)BM3’90-’932NNN
David Barkley (& wife)QM3’72-’752Y (2)NN
Bill HowellBM3’88-’911NYN
Tim Burke (& wife)EN2’85-’892Y (2)NN
Judy Domenick CPO Richard Domenick’78-’801NNN
James Eller (& Debbie)QM2’85-’882NNY (2)
Art Fry (& Guest)QM3’85-’892NNY (2)
Jesse Rangel (& Roxann)EN’80-’842NNN
Ronald Zepke1NNN
James SteffesEN1/ENC’79-’811Y (2)NN
Kevin Atkins’861