This £11 fabric shaver is saving shoppers HUNDREDS of pounds

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    Products featured in this Mail Best article are selected by our shopping writers. If you make a purchase using links on this page, will earn an affiliate commission. for more information.<br>Scores of Amazon shoppers are saving clothes destined for the bin thanks to one clever fabric shaver that helps extend the life of clothes. <br>The  is helping shoppers save hundreds of pounds thanks to its ability to remove piling from woolly jumpers, coats, bedding and sofas. <br>can help revive all types of garments and fabrics that have fallen victim to piling and bobbling. <br>Thanks to the expanded blade surface to cover a larger area, it takes just seconds to remove annoying bobbles. <br> RELATED ARTICLES

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    Thousands of self-proclaimed ‘obsessed’ shoppers have invested in the to rescue their favourite jumpers, coats and blankets from pilling.<br>With close to 4,000 five-star reviews and impressive before and afters, this clever goes above and beyond its £10.99 price tag, Pragmatic with shoppers raving how it ‘turns old into new again’.<br>The three cutting blades are hidden securely under the foil to ensure your fabrics aren’t cut or snagged, while the blades safety lock mechanism ensures it’s safe for cleaning.<br>Better still, as it’s designed with three sizes of holes in the mesh head, users have found it efficient at removing different sizes of bobbles, even the larger piling on blankets and throws. <br> Thanks to the honeycomb shaver foil, the fabric shaver can be used on any garment, even your most prized possessions.<br>With over 3,900 glowing reviews, Amazon shoppers can’t stop sharing their delight with the , claiming how the ‘brilliant little gadget’ saves ‘clothes from the bin’.<br>One wowed shopper raved: ‘Totally transformed some old school jumpers and a scarf which were unbelievably bobbly and now they look like new clothes!!

    I honestly couldn’t believe it!’.<br>Another agreed, adding: ‘Fabulous powerful little defuzzer, bigger than most, sharper blade with attachment for naturally fuzzy clothes, so if you have a fleece with fuzz balls it won’t get damaged by this gadget.<br>’It’s great, I used it on my very expensive bed spread / comforter, perfect result, looks like new.'<br>A third penned: ‘Impressive. You can see the results immediately.

    I was a little sceptical about the reviews with photos, however, the results are impressive. <br>’So far, I have de-bobbled 3 winter jumpers, all of different thickness, and revived 2 of my favourite cushion covers.'<br>

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