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    Best Guest Posting Sites To Build Backlinks & Traffic in 2024 – Guest posting remains one of the most effective link building and traffic generation strategies in 2024. By writing and publishing high-quality guest posts on reputable websites in your industry, you can gain valuable backlinks, increase brand awareness, and drive more qualified traffic to your site.

    However, finding the best guest posting opportunities can be a challenge. You need high authority websites that are actually accepting guest contributors in your niche. I’ve compiled this extensive list of the top 75 guest posting sites to consider across digital marketing, social media, cybersecurity, proxies, and more.
    Why Guest Post?

    There are many benefits to securing guest post placements on authoritative sites:
    Build Backlinks

    Guest posting allows you to earn high-quality backlinks from reputable sites
    These backlinks signal to Google that your content is valuable, boosting rankings

    Increase Referral Traffic

    Quality guest posts drive direct clicks back to your site from new audiences
    This referral traffic can lead to new leads and customers

    Establish Domain Authority

    Getting published on authoritative sites helps increase your own domain authority
    Higher DA signals greater expertise and authority in your niche

    Expand Your Reach

    Guest blogging exposes your brand to whole new audiences
    It allows you to tap into the authority of the sites your contribute to

    Top Digital Marketing Guest Post Sites

    Digital marketing remains an important niche for guest posting opportunities. Here are the top 25 digital marketing sites that accept contributor submissions:
    Search Engine Journal

    With over 1 million monthly visitors, Search Engine Journal is a highly authoritative digital marketing resource. They accept a limited number of contributed posts:

    Topics: SEO, PPC, content marketing, email marketing, analytics
    Search Engine Land

    Another leader in SEO and marketing news, Search Engine Land provides great exposure for digital guest contributors:

    Topics: Organic and paid search, Google updates, link building tactics
    Social Media Today

    Part of the Simply Measured network, SMT offers strong domain authority and social shares for digital guest posts:

    Topics: Social media strategy, platform updates, social advertising
    State of Digital

    With a domain authority in the mid-60s, State of Digital accepts contributed posts from digital marketers:

    Topics: Digital marketing news, SEO tactics, social media best practices
    Forbes Agency Council

    While tough to land a Forbes spot, their platform offers unmatched brand exposure for marketing posts:

    Topics: PR, media buying, creative strategy, industry trends
    Search Engine Watch

    Covering search marketing news, Search Engine Watch accepts relevant guest columns:

    Topics: SEO and PPC tips, voice search optimization, featured snippets
    Jeff Bullas

    Jeff Bullas accepts contributor posts focused on blogger outreach, social marketing, and PR:

    Topics: Influencer marketing, blogging for business, brand messaging
    Convince & Convert

    As a respected marketing blog, Convince & Convert welcomes contributed posts aroundConversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and digital PR.
    SEM Rush Blog

    With over 1 million monthly visitors, the SEM Rush blog offers great SEO exposure for guest contributors.

    Topics: Technical SEO, keywords research, SEO case studies, optimizing web vitals
    Marketing Land

    Another great marketing publication that accepts digital guest columns.

    Topics: Martech, online advertising, email marketing, analytics
    Neil Patel Blog

    Neil Patel is one of the most influential marketers. While his blog is extremely hard to land a guest post on, it offers unmatched authority.

    Topics: Content marketing, link building, SEO traffic tips
    Social Media HQ

    With a domain authority over 60, Social Media HQ focuses specifically on the latest social platforms and trends. They accept relevant guest contributions.

    Topics: Social branding, platform updates, influencer marketing
    Single Grain

    Providing in-depth digital marketing analysis, Single Grain accepts guest posts from industry experts.

    Topics: SEO, PPC, email marketing, conversion optimization
    Unbounce Blog

    Focusing heavily on landing page strategies, the Unbounce blog welcomes contributed guests posts.

    Topics: Page speed, lead capture forms, landing page conversions

    The Vertical Measures blog offers great exposure given their focus specifically on marketing analytics and PPC.

    Topics: Google/Facebook ads, analytics dashboards, attribution models

    That covers the top 25 guest post opportunities around core digital marketing. But there are also focused sites accepting contributors across social media marketing, proxies, cybersecurity and more.
    Top Social Media Guest Post Sites

    Beyond broader digital marketing blogs, CLICK HERE TO GET GUEST POST are 25 top blogs specifically around social media marketing that accept contributed guest posts:
    Social Media Explorer

    Providing in-depth social media content, SMX welcomes guest contributions from marketers looking to gain expert status.

    Topics: Platform updates, social advertising tactics, analytics
    Social Media Today

    In addition to digital coverage, SMT has a dedicated social blog accepting contributing posts.

    Topics: Social strategy, optimizing business pages, influencer marketing
    Social Media Marketing World

    With nearly half a million monthly visitors, SMMW offers great exposure for guest articles about social platforms.

    Topics: Driving engagement, social advertising, building followers
    Social Media Sun

    While a relatively new site, Social Media Sun focuses exclusively on guest contributions around leveraging social platforms.

    Topics: Optimizing social profiles, analytics insights, podcast promotion
    Social Pilot

    Providing tips, tools and strategies for social marketers, Social Pilot accepts high-quality guest columns.

    Topics: Platform updates, engagement tactics, social trends
    Social Media HQ

    In addition to their general social coverage, Social Media HQ has a blog section dedicated specifically to accepting contributor posts.

    Topics: Optimizing business pages, social advertising, measuring ROI

    In addition to broader digital columns, Jeff Bullas also accepts guest posts specifically around social media marketing.

    Topics: Social media tactics, increasing engagement, branding
    Social Media Marketing & Management Dashboard

    With nearly 200k monthly visitors, this site offers great exposure for contributed social posts.

    Topics: Social analytics, advertising insights, platform algorithms
    Social Media Headlines

    Living up to its name, Social Media Headlines offers exposure to over 100k readers for timely social guest posts.

    Topics: Social platform updates, trends and viral stories
    Social Barrel

    Providing actionable social tactics for marketers, Social Barrel accepts and promotes guest contributor content.

    Topics: Increasing engagement, social advertising optimization, branding

    This covers 25 of the leading blogs that focus specifically on social platforms accepting contributed guest posting content in 2024.
    Top Cybersecurity Guest Post Sites

    For those focused on cybersecurity, here are the 25 best blogs accepting guest posts:

    Targeting IT and cybersecurity professionals, Tripwire accepts posts discussing the latest threats, security controls, vulnerabilities, and more.

    Topics: Malware, ransomware, DDoS attacks, data breaches
    CSO Online

    The #1 cybersecurity and risk management resource, CSO welcomes contributed posts from industry thought leaders.

    Topics: Compliance, access management, cloud security, risk mitigation
    The State of Security

    Covering cybersecurity news, The State of Security accepts guest posts around new threats and security controls.

    Topics: Phishing prevention, network security, cybercrime, hacking strategies
    InfoSecurity Magazine

    With a domain authority over 60, InfoSecurity Magazine covers cybersecurity topics and accepts high-quality contributed articles and guest posts.

    Topics: Cloud vulnerabilities, blockchain security, IoT devices, compliance
    Security Boulevard

    A leader in cybersecurity news and analysis, Security Boulevard welcomes contributed guest columns.

    Topics: Malware, cryptography, security awareness training, vulnerability assessments
    Help Net Security

    Read by over 200k cybersecurity professionals each month, Help Net Security accepts and promotes relevant guest posts.

    Topics: Cloud security, identity access management, SIEM tools
    The Hacker News

    Providing the latest hacker news, The Hacker News offers great exposure for relevant cybersecurity articles.

    Topics: Cybercrime reports, hacking news, computer viruses, cyberattacks
    IT Security Central

    Covering the latest IT security insights for tech professionals, IT Security Central welcomes guest contributions.

    Topics: Cyber threats, security operations, risk analysis, attack prevention

    Including expert cybersecurity analysis, SecuringIndustry accepts relevant guest columns from contributors.

    Topics: Compliance updates, cloud vulnerabilities, security training
    Cyber Defense Magazine

    Our domain authority is lower, but provides excellent exposure to over 1 million monthly visitors. We accept and promote relevant guest columns.

    Topics: Malware, data vulnerabilities, security tactics, insider threats

    This list covers 25 of the leading cybersecurity websites welcoming expert guest posts in 2024.
    Top Proxy & Privacy Guest Post Sites

    For bloggers focused specifically on website proxies, servers and privacy tools, here are 25 key sites accepting guest posts:
    Proxy Rack

    Focusing specifically on proxy tools and services for anonymity, Proxy Rack accepts relevant guest post submissions in exchange for bylines and backlinks.

    Topics: New proxy services, how proxies work, privacy implications
    Best Proxies

    Providing the most in-depth proxy reviews and comparisons, Best Proxies is ideal for contributing posts around new proxy sites or services.

    Topics: Proxy speed tests, anonymity risks, anti-censorship tools
    Bright Data

    Offering insights into web data collection, Bright Data accepts guest posts especially around innovating proxies and privacy tools.

    Topics: Web scraping tactics, custom proxies, headless browsers

    Providing detailed proxy site information, GeoSurf accepts contributed columns especially around VPNs.

    Topics: VPN speeds, global IP addresses, bypassing restrictions

    Offering the latest proxy tools and servers for using social platforms, Proxyway accepts guest blog submissions.

    Topics: Instagram proxies, sneaker bots, exclusive access services

    Soax offers residential proxies and accepts guest posts primarily focusing on innovating proxy-based tools.

    Topics: Web data extraction, ecommerce bots, custom proxies
    Private Proxy Guide

    Private Proxy Guide tests and reviews personal proxies for anonymity. They welcome guest posts evaluating new proxy services.

    Topics: Proxy comparisons, anonymity risks, encryption standards

    Providing proxy solutions for large-scale web scraping, Proxyfish accepts relevant guest columns.

    Topics: Automated web extraction, custom proxies at scale

    Focusing on residential IP proxies, Proxy-Seller accepts contributed proxy guest posts.

    Topics: Rotating proxies, sneaker bots, captcha solvers

    This list covers 25 of the top websites centered specifically on proxies, privacy tools, web scraping and bot services that accept expert guest posts.
    Key Tips for Guest Posting

    When reaching out for guest post opportunities, be sure to:
    Follow Editorial Guidelines

    Craft submissions tailored specifically to each site’s editorial guidelines and topics.
    Provide Value

    Offer actionable tips and intel the readership will find valuable. Don’t just promote your company or product.
    Check Domain Authority

    Prioritize sites with stronger domain authority to maximize SEO benefits.
    Include Images/Graphics

    Posts with images or visuals tend to perform better and have higher chances of acceptance.

    Across this lengthy list of over 75 websites accepting contributed guest posts in 2024, you’ll find options spanning core digital marketing blogs to niche sites focused specifically on social media, cybersecurity, proxies and more.

    The key is finding sites accepting contributor posts that also have strong domain authority and relevance in your niche. By securing guest posts on one or more of these types of sites, you can gain quality backlinks to bolster SEO and drive more organic traffic.

    Just be sure any guest posts you submit provide useful, original insights that align with each site’s editorial guidelines. This will lead to the highest chances of landing a coveted guest posting spot.

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