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Our Crew:

Plankowners / 60’s

NameYears AboardRate / RankDiv.ContactMemory/Quote
Jim Alexander’69-’72LTjgComjameshalex@hotmail.com07/69-04/72 Communications Officer Lieutenant Junior Grade Plankowner
Don Allen’69-’71SK3SupplyDAllen222@yahoo.comI was an SK3. I was a plank owner and served on the Fresno from about October 1969 till my discharge in Oct, 1971.
Coby Barstad’69-’71RM3Opsndwoodlake@gondtc.com10/69-01/71 RM3 Ops From oldest LST(344) to the newest(1182) Plank owner
Pat McGowan “Magoo”’69-’71RM3Opsmcgowanpat630@gmail.com69-71 RM3 OPS Plankowner
Tom Brackhahn’69 -’71SH3Supplyteaabrackhahn@gmail.com1969-1971, SH3, Supply Div., Plankowner
Harold Luna’69-’71SNSupplylunalunaone@aol.com1969 – 71 Supply, E-3 Plankowner
Carlos Lugo’69-’73CS3Supply’69-’73 E-4 Plankowner
Patrick Watkins’69-’73GMG3Gunnerypstpgw@aol.com69-73, Gunnery, GMG3
Ronald Bruce Smith (Smitty)’69-’72SH3SupplyHarleydad_2007@yahoo.comFrom commissioning date till 9/5/72 – Plank Owner – Was SHS#3 – had office across from galley in officers area. Was Master at Arms – Ran Soda Fountain, Store, then office. I am – I started in laundry. No special memories of Fresno, just many good ones. I miss my mates, Tom Brachan, Ortiz, Luna, Fick, White, and others. I was proud to serve & most of all, CJ McCARTHY my Supply officer (JG) who unbeknown to most, spent some good hrs together on shore together, I really miss MAC, he was from NY and a great guy.


NameYears AboardRate / RankDiv.ContactMemory/Quote
Joe Janik’70-’72BM32ndj-janik@sbcglobal.net1/70 thru 11/72 …2nd div..BM3
John Robinson’70RM3jalrobin@aol.comCame aboard a few days before heading to Da Nang with stops in HI. and Guam, Subic.. Radarman PO3 left after serving aboard after Thanksgiving of 1970
Larry Brooker’70 – ’74EN3taybrook@aol.comServed from ’70-’74. EN3 Oil King
Steve Bowman’71 – ’73EN3Huskerbow@gmail.comServed as Oil King
Rick Anderson’71-’74LTjgComm/3rdrick_anderson88@hotmail.com71-74, Gunnery Officer and then Comms Officer, left as LTJG. Best memory was 56 degree roll in a typhoon off of Taiwan. And, acing the final battle problem at REFTRA as we got a copy of the script in advance compliments of the Radio Shack guys.
Robert M Cobine’71-’74SN/BM3cobin_2@msn.com1971-1974 sn/bm3
Doyle Osborne (Ozzie)’71 – ’75ENCM&Ashipmate_ozzie@att.net4 years onboard, 2 years M Div, 2 years A Div. Rate ENC.

Served onboard 4,May 1971 – 4,May 1975. Was chief in M Div. for 2 years and 2 years A Div Chief. Was transferred to COMNAVSURFPAC May 1975. Returned TAD for the Insurve Inspection. Spent 2 weeks with ADM Buckley during the inspection. That was a great experience. That inspection gave the ship the ADM Arleigh Burke Fleet Trophy.

Most memorable #2A main propulsion over sped causing an explosion in the exhaust system. Severe damage to intake/exhaust valves and piston crowns. Cause of over speed a improper installed screw on the onboard fuel injection control shaft. The screw had came loose when the engine was de-clutched the surge became jammed against the side of the engine causing the injectors to stay at 75% fuel. I was the EOW in the engine room when this occurred. My main consern was clearing all Personell out of the area.
David Roy Leppert’72-’76FNA Gangdavescornbinder@yahoo.com1971 – 1975 Fireman A-gang
We had the fastest LST on one of my west pac.
Portland oregon 503-720-2536
Dan Wallace’72-’’72-’74/RM3/Ops
Bill Jay’72-’74RM3OCagtop1@yahoo.com1972 – 1974 RM3 OC Div (Radio)
Jim Kremer’72-’74PC3wilmontoil@hotmail.com72-74 PC3
K.C. Ratner’72-’74OSSNCICkcratner@gmail.comServed on Fresno 11/72 to 6/74 in CIC. Looking for Pat Bailey, Dan Scally, William Treet.
Rich Ferry’72-’75EM3Eferryr@optimum.net1972 – 1975 / EM3 /  Electric Shop
Did 2 West Pacs and initiated as a Shellback
David Barkley’72-’75QM3OIdhbarkley@aol.comI was on Fresno from 1972 to 1975. Left as a QM3. In the OI Division. 72-73 and 74 Westpac.
Separated in 1986 as QM1 1/2. Made chief but didn’t get to put it on.
Time on Fresno was my best sea duty.
Darcy Zerbel’72-’‘72-‘76 on USS Fresno
E-5 Engineman
Two tours; Died 10-17-2021 at age 68.
Dennis Mallory’73-’74SNSupplydennismallory317@gmail.com1973-1974 SN supply (cook)
Les Mann’73-’75ENS2nd/E&RLesMann3@hotmail.comArrived as newly commissioned Ensign from the University of Washington NROTC. Learned a lot, and grew up a lot while with 2nd Division, and then as DCA. Like Rick Anderson remember the 56 degree roll. Another key memory was leading the parade in the Philippines celebrating MacArthur’s return.
Ron Juliano’73-’76juliano1@juno.com1973 to 1976
Dallas Grant’74-’75HM2OIDGrant5347@yahoo.com74 -75, HM2, OI Division
William J. Nimocks’72-’75FNMbnimocks1@gmail.com1972- 1975 FN M-Div Worked in #1 engine room, Main Control my entire enlistment.
Tim Abernethy’75-’79BM31sttimaber@gmail.com1975-1979 BM3 1st Div
Rickey Brown’75-’79EM2E
Ronald Zepke’76-’76SN2ndronaldzepke@gmail.com76-76 seaman. 2nd division 76 Wes-pac,
Australia. Brisbane. Shellback
Timothy Peters’75-’78RM2OCtpeters.vt@gmail.comSome of my shipmates in OC: Ltjg Squiers, RMC Holstad, RM1 Terry Lacher, Rm3 Tom Smith RMSN Mike Milner, RMSN Dave Garner, and many others whose names I can no longer remember (wish I had a cruisebook). During my time on board we all worked to get the Fresno awarded the ComThirdFlt Amphibious Green ‘C’ Award.
Bad memories: 1) The death of an EM3 (name?) at a Ship’s Party on a Special Services Beach in Guam during ’76 Westpac, and 2) The Engine Room’s fire while in Homeport San Diego in 1978.
Best experience: Port of Call – Brisbane, Australia; then steaming for Home
Kenny Moss’76SN2ndkenny.moss@rocketmail.comI was in 2nd division deck ape. Tauwai was my 1st class. I was a Seaman. I came from the USS Mobile (LKA 115). Met the Fresno in the Philippines.
Kevin Gilmore’76 – ’79OS2OIonekgguy@gmail.comI wrote a 15-part series of blog posts about my life in the days leading up to my enlistment, through boot camp, and of course, my time aboard the Fresno. Here’s a link to the first of those 15 blog posts. Look for a link at the end of each post to take you to the next one.
Billy Green’76-’79EN3A-Ganggre680@yahoo.com76-79 EN-3 A-Gang the picture for the 70’s is me and Robin in the filter cleaning shop. Great friends and Brothers
John Rhodes’76-’80BM1Deckrhodesjm78@gmail.com1976-1980 Bm1
Keith Wilson’76-’ HT2
Buck Newsome’76-’80EN3bns4504@gmail.com76/80. EN3.
John Bennett’76-’80SH3Deck/Sjohanbennett@yahoo.com1976-1980 SH3

I worked on deck in 2nd div. before cross rating to Ship Serviceman. I then worked in the barbershop, ships store, geedunk and laundry. I came onboard with Mark Martin, Parsons, Buck Newsome, Whitmarsh, a few others and the late Bobby Jack (Merv) Arvin RIP . We stayed at Naval Station Coronado until the Frez returned from WestPac.
Randy Bush’76-’80EN2randyb982@gmail.com76-80 EN2! Spent first 3 months flying around West Pacific trying to catch ship did nothing but party & get payed I was getting $365.00 a monthI I was 17. Caught it in Hawaii at end of the 76 West -PAC
Michael Milner’77-’79RMOCmichaeljames57@netzero.com77-79 Rm OC div.
Ronald Hicks’77-’80GMG3rdarfgraf@gmail.comI served aboard the USS Fresno LST-1182 from 1977-1980. I made a WESTPAC and I was in 3rd division, the Gunner’s Mates. We were part of Deck along with the Boatswains Mates and stood the same watches as other BMs at sea. Living on boat and sailing the Pacific is a unique experience that is rarely experienced by ordinary civilians.
LTCDR Dennis Roeber’78’79LTCDRENGroeberka@yahoo.com1978-1979 Engineer
Dennis was a LTCDR deployed August
1978 till April 79 back right around Easter. Under the Command of Richard Schueger. Dennis passed away October 1, 2021 Dennis Retired as a CDR in 1990 from Quantico VA. Command and Staff College. I am His wife Kathy submitting this information.
Doug Black’78-’79MR3A-Gangdougb1957@gmail.com78-79 MR3 A-Gang I was the only machinist on board. The West PAC for my last year was great and the guys in A-gang were the best!
Kenneth Ronjoin’78-’81ENCS1978-1981 ENCS
Dennis Reed’78-’811sthuggablebear6977@yahoo.com78-81 / Deck First Division / My most favorite memories were when we had swim call and all of the Ports that we went to.
Tommy Payne’79-’80BMC1sttommypayne619@yahoo.com78-80 BM1/BMC 1st Div
Made BMC on the FREZ
Rick Coppinger’79 – ’81GMG23rdrjcoppin@cox.net2 years from 1979 to 1981 as a gunners mate GMG2 the 3″ 50 was a great gun that I loved to shoot.
Bob Kyle79-’82EN2Akylere1@netscape.netMay 79- Oct 82. A-Division EN2
Benjamin Chavez’79-’82EN1A Gangbencha2061@hotmail.com2/23/1979 to 9/28/1982
EN1 – LPO #3 Engine room
 I was in A-gang for a while and LPO for #2 Engine room. Underway Stood EEOW in #1 Engine room. I vaguely remember changing out a turbo charger while at sea, who has that much fun.
Joe King’79-’83BT3joeking0316@gmail.com1979- 1983 BT 3
Boyd Puckett’79-’80ENFNMBoyd.Kathy@wvi.comI was EN/FN aboard 79/80 M-Division assigned to #2 engine room.
Philip E. Graham’79-’81CDRSupplygrizzly_eagle@bellsouth.netYears Aboard: May 1979 – Dec 1981
Position: Food Services Officer/Disbursing Officer- May 1979 – May 1980
Supply Department Head: May 1980 – Dec 1981
Memories of Hotel Fresno: One favorite memory is our port call on Eureka, CA in April 1980 where CDR Santamaria (the CO) was the Grand Marshall for the Eureka’s Rhododendron Parade. Great city to enjoy a port call. Another favorite memory is when FRESNO was moored at SRF, Guam for a C4 CASREP to its reduction gears and we hosted a Pig Roast for the ship’s crew while Chief’s/Officers played Crew in a softball game. There was fantastic comradery among the crew during the ’79-’80 WESTPAC deployment.
James Steffes’79-’81EN1/ENCA/Mpcf12crew@yahoo.com1979 to 1980 In charge of A-Division, EN1 Stood EOOW watches in Main Control. 1979 to 1981 ENC in charge of Engine room #3 and #3Aux. When Chief Starnes left I took over all M-Division


NameYears AboardRate / RankDiv.ContactMemory/Quote
Dana Bell’80-’82SN2nddana.bell@yahoo.com1980-1982. My first ship, my first deployment. Met her in NS Subic Bay. Crossed the line while onboard. I was a deck seaman & boat coxswain, 2nd division. D. F. Santamaria was our Skipper. Good times & great memories. I cried when I saw the video of her being sunk. She will always be my first.
John D. Torchio’80-’82E3S2johntorchio@yahoo.com1980 to 1982 made the westpac became a shell back. E-3 S-2 Food Service
John Follen’80-’822nd/MedicalRunning_John@yahoo.com1980-82 2nd Div / Medical
Michael McNees’80-’83BTFNM&Bmac_5061@yahoo.comFirst and only ship. Was in #2 ER as a ENFA first year, switched rate to BTFN and operated evaporators in #1 Aux last 2 yrs. Met some wonderful friends, saw places most people will never see, did some crazy things (still doing them today).
Greg Fox’80-’83EN2MGFox333@bluemarble.netMay 1980- Dec. 1983 EN2 M-Division
Russell Hicks’80-’83SHSNDeck/Supplyrdh22501@gmail.comWorked in 2nd. Division first half of my time aboard and then supply, ran the laundry and Gedunk. Had an over all great time and learned a lot about myself while on board. One of the best times was celebrating Christmas and News Years in Subic and a group of us taken the train towards the Dmz while we were in Korea and walking around the rice fields.
Frank Cisneros’80-’84SN/SH2nd/Sfacisn@hotmail.comI was aboard the USS FRESNO LST-1182, from August 1st, 1980 to March 16th, 1984. I was first in 2nd Deck Division, then moved on to Supply Division. I became an SH, and was one of the Ship’s Barbers, and Laundryman, and I worked in the Ship’s Gedunk, and had custody of the 2 Ship’s vending machines. In the beginning I was an Ammo handler inside the gun magazine for Gun mount #2. Later I was a member of one of the Fire fighting teams, as well as a Member of the In port Security Alert team. I was also both a Forward and After look out for Sea and Anchor Details, and for Beach Landings.
James Plumb’81-’
Jamie Bryant’81-’82LcplWeapons Co 1/3dehimes@gmail.comWeapons Co 1/3
Stan Allen’81-’83EN2Melkstalker188@gmail.com1981-1983 EN2
Leo Wojcik (WOJO)’81-’84EN2Mleow0827@gmail.com1981-1884
The Most Remarkable times of my life!!!
Joseph Jay’81-’85RM3OCngodshands888@yahoo.com1981-85 2 West pacs Shellback RM3
Fav visits, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Hawaii
Marty Drumm’81-’86ICC (SW)Emedksd@charter.netI served aboard the Fresno from 1981 thru 1986. I was attached to E Div.
She was my home for 6 years. I’ll try and dig up some photos to share, from the 4 1/2 Wespac’s.
Henry Estavillo’82-’83PC3Xhankestavillo@yahoo.com1982-1983 / PC-3 / X-Div. When reporting to pier six, I noticed a working party going on. To find out that shortly there after the ship was going to go on the Westpac. Also to my surprise I was told that there was no operational Post Office for a couple of years. So that being said I had to get everything up and going and put together a routing schedule so that we were able to receive mail when we got to ports. I was told that everyone was glad to finally have a postal clerk, back aboard ship. To my surprise I met a ship mate from a neighboring town where I live actually a connecting town. I had a great time aboard, thank you – Fresno.
Robert Hoffschneider’82 – ’84GMG3rdbobwired48@yahoo.comReported aboard the Fresno in Feb. ’82 at Subic Bay Naval Station as a GMG 1. I remember meeting GMGC Pete on the quarterdeck. After he welcomed me aboard, he said, “Do you have any knowledge of the 3″/50 gun mounts”? I said, “Sure do that’s about all I’ve ever worked on”. Made chief on the Fresno after some exciting years on board. Wife became ombudsmen for the ship the last two years Captain Barker served aboard. Served with some great guys, enlisted, chiefs and officers.
Daniel Chance’82-’86EN1/ChiefMDMChance55@gmail.comInport Yokosuka, Japan Ships Repair Facility. June, ’86 after an extremely long trip from San Diego, I was called to CPO qtrs and informed with ENCS Ronald Rhodes while a Master Chief was telling us that they are sending a SITREP out that ships force cause the casualities on4 mains and 2 generators. Once instructed of their mistake the MC went running out of CPO qtrs to stop that SITREP from being sent.
Vince’84YNSAN/Xru4mx152@att.net1yr, YNSA, Nix division. Capt Barker was my last Captain.
Tom Cole’82-’84EN2Bthomascole78155@yahoo.com82-84, LPO B Div, EN2 …..1 Aux, 2 Aux, Fuel/Water Lab

LPO of B Div…had the boilers, Evaps, and the Fuel Lab. We had charge of all fuel, oil, and water. Back then we had a great crew – great people. Nope, wouldn’t trade it for the world.
Kenneth Knox’82 – ’
Kevin Powell’82-’85IC3Ekpowell91662@icloud.com1982-85 IC3 I came on ship from Subic Bay during Westpac 1982 I was at Transit Barrack waiting for ship to come back from The IO. I was Fire Apprentice worked in ER 1 , with En1 Monton. EN3 Priebe, I left as An IC3 in 1985 I remember. Gregg Foxx, sparkman, koeth, wojick, Jesse Ragell, Dan Healy aka bone head lol. Marty Drumm ICC, I will have to dig up my cruise books and find more .
John Koeth’82-’85EN3jkoeth@frontiernet.net82-85. EN3
Michael Long’83-’86EN3M&Bmlong112@comcast.net1983-86, EN3, M&B division
Bob Boling’83-’87BM3Deckbboling63@yahoo.com12/83-5/87 BM3 great memories was the cruise in ‘85 and west pac in ‘86. The whole enlistment was one of the best times in my life.
Kevin Costello’84-’87ET2
David English’84-’87EN2Adenglish29@yahoo.com84-87, EN2 A-Div
Tony Barron’84-’87’3rdronbar2828@gmail.com84-87 / 3RD DIV
Timothy Qualle’84-’88DC3Rtqualle65@yahoo.comShellback
Jim Koehler’84-’88BM3 (SW)1stslayer562@verizon.net1984-1988 BM3(SW) 1st. Div.
Michael O’Brien’84-’88BM31stmichael.scott.obrien@gmail.com84 to 88 BM3 Deck 1st Div.
Jim Bebee’84-’88BM21stjimbebeejr@gmail.comThanks to the Frez for making me a shellback forever! Some of the best years of my life with some of the best guys I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Everyone needs to attend a reunion at least once in their life. The Vegas reunion was just like old times, even with the shipmates that I didn’t serve onboard with.
John Root’84-’88SN2ndhorseshoeroot@gmail.com84/88 SN
Dan Barry’84-’89A-Gangmr2barry@gmail.com85/89 A gang
LT Ed Foust’85-’87LTCICO/A-Gangsaftguy@yahoo.comGreat crew, great shipmates! My most memorable times in the Navy were on the Frez! Great Port Calls!
Love the Gator Navy!
Jeff Robinson’85-’87
Jeff@taskforce4u.com1985-1987 IC3
Earl BurrisSA / YN21st/NXearlburris@gmail.comLoved every minute of my time on board, even the hard ones. LOL
Rick Price’85–”88SN2ndRichard@EvergreenConcreteCutting.comSN Price 2nd Div Deck
85-88 I got out in the Philippines.
Tim Burke’85-’89EN2M Div/Oil‘85 – ‘89, EN2, M Division/Oil Shack/#2ER – fun times and great memories of some crazy days and crazy shipmates.
Rick Varela’85-’89EN2Mrichardvarela@msn.com1985-1989/ Engineman, 2nd Class, M Division- Great Memories on the Frez Westpac 86 and 88 Crazy Times with M Division at the Hole in the Wall Bar in Olongapo! Still here in Az. Me and Brian Flynn had lunch a couple of times drop me a line, gonna try and make this years Reunion in San Diego!
Joe Daly’86-’89MACS (SW)jpd3935@pm.me86-89. MACS(SW) CMAA
Edward Snow’86-’89HT2EdwardSnow511@gmail.com1986 to 1989 Ht2
David Quintana’86-’
John Crume’86-’90EM1 (SW)Ecrumejohn@gmail.com1986-1990 / EM1(SW) / E-Division
David Denton’86-’90EN2davyd1967@gmail.com1986-1990
John Bourne’86-’90OS2O/Idrt80016@verizon.net1986-1990/OS2/E5
Todd Sovey’86-’90EM3 (SW)TSovey3@gmail.com86-90 Em3(sw)
Mike Contos’86-’90EM3Emikecontos@yahoo.comMustering up in the morning in the P.I. still mostly hammered, swearing that “Tonight I’m staying onbard!”, but after a lunch of pier hot dogs and a semi-honest workday, we were always tearing down that brow at the end of “ships work”. And repeat. And Repeat!
Tony Holden’86-’90BM32nd/1sttonyholden22@gmail.com86-90 Bm3 2nd/1st Div
Bruce Leech’87-’89Amississippi3@ymail.comFeb ’87 – May ’89. Started in A-Gang, finished as LPO of MER1. Funny running into Tony Malis as a Sheriff’s Deputy for the same county here in MS at the Reserve Academy back in 2016. The best sea tour of my career by far!!!
Todd Steenrod’87-’88SN2ndtodsteenrod@outlook.comI was on the Fres from 11-87 until 10-88. I was only 17 when I signed up and I turned 18 on board. I was a non-rate deck seaman in 2nd Div. Too many fond memories of my time there. I saw places I never would have otherwise and my shipmates were the absolute best
LT Michael T. Clark’87-’89LTA/Emikeclark2@aol.comSeptember 1987-November 1989/Lieutenant/A-Gang & E-Div
LTjg Brian P. Smith’87-’90LTjgDecksmithbrianp@comcast.net1987-1990 / ENS – LTJG / 3rd Div and then 1st and 2nd Div.
Curtis Laurents’87-’90EN2Mflaurents@att.net1987-1990 EN2 M/division #2 Engine Room. Made 2 WesPac cruises, lots of fun and forever memories.
Bill Nagy’87-’90EM3 (SW)Ewilliam.nagy@att.net87-90, EM3 (SW), E division.
Anthony Malis’87-’90HT2Rtmalis1@hotmail.com87-90 HT 2, R Div
Kurt Andress’87-’91DC2 (SW)Rrel3@comcast.net87-91 / DC2 (SW) R-Div
Larry Rafanan’87-’91EN2MRetired in 2011 after 23 years
Rich Hutchins’87-’90EN3Arich.hutchins.68@gmail.com3 of the best years of my life with some of the best brothers I could ever ask for. Some great mentors including Lt.Clark, EN2 John Velasco, EN1 Ball, EN1 Mitchell Saylon and of course CMDR Sheppherd. Plus many more. It was an honor serving with you all.
Troy Stingley’87-’90EN2 (SW)Msting73007@yahoo.comEN2 (SW) 87-90
M division/Oil Lab
I worked the Laundry for my mess duty…Best Time Ever !!
Todd Sovey’87-’90EM3 (SW)Etsovey3@gmail.comEMC Abalos
Kent Pullig’87-’91MR2Akent.pullig@yahoo.com87’-91’, MR2, A-Gang
LT Joe Blaylock’87-’‘87-‘91, LT, MPA, Navigator
Tony Ruiz’87-’91OS2OItonytranspo@gmail.comCrossing the Line
Jerry Ford’87-’
Darryl Cravens’87-’92BM2 (SW)1st/2nd/3rdboatsdrc@aol.com1987-1992 BM2 aka CAVEMAN
Alfredo Cabral’87-’92EM2Eacabral125@yahoo.com5 years 1987-1992 / became EM2 on board E-Division / great division best ship, very close crew
Mitchell Saylon’87-’92EN1M/Oil Labexnavy79@charter.netJun 87-Jun 92
EN1 M-Div/Oil Lab # 1 A-gangster
John Bergin’88-’89DCFN/DC3Rjohnwbergin@gmail.com88-89/DCFN-DC3/ R-div
Michael Flanagan’88-’93ENFA-EN2 (SW)
Bill Woodall’88-’91EN3Mwwoodall67@gmail.com88-91, EN3, M division
Bill Howell’88-’91BM31stbillhowell70@gmail.com88-91 BM3 deck
Hoss Peterson’88-’ webmaster. Founder – USS Fresno Memorial Association. Started in 1st Division, struck out to 3rd because I liked sleep more than underway watch! Loved my time aboard the Frez
CDR Jim Morrell’89-91CDRjmorrell@bendbroadband.comCommanding Officer 1989-1991
Commanding a ship is always a challenge but I was blessed with a great crew!
Tim Sever’89-’91BTFNproductiongrey@hotmail.com9-91/ BTFN / great experience in learning how to “grow up”, kinda lol
Ken Alcorn’88-’92EN3 (SW)M/Oil Labkenalcorn3359@gmail.com1988-1992. EN 3 (sw) M div oil lab
Paul L. Corey’89 – ’92HT2 (SW)APaulcorey728@gmail.comServed onboard from June ’89 – July ’92
David Cradic’89-’93SH3/SH1Sdavidcradic1960@gmail.comDec 89 – April 8th 93 Decom Crew
S-3 SH3 – SH1
Best crew and ship I served on hands down. 4 years wasn’t enough
Tim Rice’89-’91EN1 (SW)Mgramps83@hotmail.com89-91 M div EN1(SW)
Randy Godbold’89-’93BT1Mlgrandyb@yahoo.comTeam Sports


NameYears AboardRate / RankDiv.ContactMemory/Quote
Shawn Williams’90-’92HM3Xswilliams966@gmail.com1990-1992. HM3. X Div
Johnny Mangual-Rosado’90-’91FNMjohnnyelboricua@gmail.comMAR90-AUG91/FN/M-DIV. Part of the crew of the Fresno’s last WESPAC.
Curtis Oberg’90-’92IC2Ecurtoberg@aol.comE-div/IC2 1990-92 caught the Frez on her last stop in Subic, and left her a few months before she decom’d. we had a great crew.
Frank Wright’90 – ’93HT1 (SW)RO.F.Wright@gmail.comI am a Plankowner of the Reserve Unit. 90-93 Reserve Unit
HT1 (SW) R-Div
Jeff Wallace’90-’93BM31stjmwallace1969@gmail.com03/90- 04/93
John Allen DeBourge’90E3jdebourge@yahoo.comReserve Unit out of St.Louis, Mo. E3
Ian Ganahl’91-’93SKSR/“Surfer Dude” – 1991 – 1993; SKSR – SKSN. At this point in time, I was the only one onboard who was actually from the city of Fresno, Ca
Chris Balles’91-’93SN2ndbojym72@gmail.com91-93 SN 2nd Deck Division. Took 4 days to get my sea legs. Steel beach picnic snapped me out of it on way to Hawaii. Got out tried to get back in 28 days later but Clinton said no so joined the Army, two weeks into basic they started taking prior service again, damn it. So I did 4 years. Still believe the guys i served with on the Frez were the toughest badasses in the Military. Army you fight with a pen, then get a court marshal. Navy with your fists, then you go have a beer together. Cooked for the Chiefs. Best duty I remember. Still get pisssed off when I see someone toss a cigarette on the “deck” to this day. Hated it when I was there, damn I wish I could do it again.
Carl Moslener’91-’93ENSOmoslener@msn.comCOMMO – DEC 1991 until DECOM. My First Ship. Making preparations for the 3 month SouthPac – Operation Rememberance and having the USS Racine take our place.
Rich Delaney’92-’93IC2rdelayhu@gmail.com92-93 (Decommissioning Crew) IC2

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